Help my face is sagging! How do I lift sagging jowls and tighten jawline?

by Ashley

Sagging Jowls & Bone Loss Connection

Sagging Jowls & Bone Loss Connection

Help my face is sagging. How do I lift sagging jowls and tighten jawline?

My lower face is sagging, especially around my mouth and along the jawline. I am not overweight, so that is not the issue. It just looks like I lost skin tone and firmness in and around the whole lower face, mouth, and jawline.

My question is, how can I lift sagging jowls and tighten my jawline without surgery. I am looking specifically for exercises or face massages that will firm and lift that area before it gets worse. If you have any for that area, I would like to try them.



Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your question regarding sagging face and jowls.

There are several reasons we experience sagging around the lower face and jowl area.

1. Loss of facial muscle tone. As we age, just as in our body, we lose facial muscle tone and bulk. The face gets flat; this is most evident in the appearance of our cheeks. If you look at pictures of your younger self, you'll probably notice your cheekbones seemed fuller/higher.

2. Loss of facial fat in the middle/lower part of the face (the area below the cheekbones and above the jaw bone). Again, look at pictures of yourself when you were younger, you will probably notice that the middle of your face probably looked fuller then.

3. Facial bone loss. What many people don't realize, is we slowly lose facial bone mass as we age. And this means there is less bone for the skin and muscles to hang onto, as a result, you have sagging, drooping skin around the nose, mouth, and jowls/under and chin area. See the picture I attached, it's really interesting!

So, how can you address these issues?

Here are a few tips that can help prevent sagging jowls and firm the jawline.

1. Facial exercises. By doing a basic facial exercise routine that works all muscles from forehead to neck on a regular basis can help slow this progression. The exercises should include putting pressure on the bone, massaging of the skin, and building of facial muscles like the cheeks.

2. Adding specific bonus exercises for your personal facial issues. Bonus exercises help attach those areas that are not responding well to general facial exercises.

Yes, it sounds like a lot of work, but it's not. In the beginning, you do the full basic facial exercise program 2-4 times a week, then once your face is firmed up, you just need to maintain it a few times a month.

After that if you still have issues of facial concerns, you can add a Bonus workout a few times. They only take a minute or two and you can do them while watching TV.

I, too, had issues like you do around my lower face, even though I did Carolyn's exercises for years. I tried dermal fillers like Restylane and was told by my doctor that this area is hard to address, and she was right. Fillers only made my lower face look fat and made me look bloated.

I told Carolyn that her workouts were not addressing my lower face as well as I hoped, and asked her to help me. She agreed and stated that many other women had this lower face sag issue too. So I became one of her many testers (uh, guinea pigs :-)).

She had us try all kinds of different workouts until she perfected ones that seemed to do well for most testers.

Some of these Bonus workouts are offered for free and some are sold as digital downloads for less than $10. You can view a few that address the lower face here.

Click here to watch Free lower face Bonus videos

After you click on that link, make sure to check out the other lower face bonus exercises that can help tighten the jawline:

Jowl Slide
Lower facelift
Free Gulping fish
Jawbone restorer
Face firmer massage

I hope this information has helped. Regardless if you choose Carolyn's workout or another program, it's vital to do a full facial exercise a few times a month so the bonus exercises will work better. And your face will be balanced. If you only workout one area of the face, you can create an odd or overbuilt look.

P.S. You can read more about the connection between sagging jowls and bone loss and how exercises can help here.

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