Fuller Cheeks Cream?

by Dawn B.

Fuller Cheeks without Creams

Fuller Cheeks without Creams

Are there any creams that will give me fuller cheeks? I've always had a thin face and I actually I was pretty happy about that.

But, now that I'm almost 54, I've noticed that my face is starting to look a little gaunt. I had to stopped wearing blush because it makes the hollows under my cheekbones look even deeper.

I've seen ads for facial creams and they say something about no need for fillers if you use this cream. Would these types of creams help plump up my skin and face?

I'm not expecting miracles from a face cream, but was hoping there was something I could use that would make my skin and face look a little bit fuller.

Dawn B.
Editor's Note:

Hi Dawn, thanks for your question about creams for fuller cheeks.

Unfortunately, the lack of fullness or hollowed look under the cheek bones is mostly due to what's happening under the skin.

Loss of subcutaneous facial fat along with muscle loss/atrophy (and even facial bone atrophy) can contribute to this look.......And creams cannot fix this problem.

Yes, I do believe that a good cream can help hydrate skin cells and plump them up a bit so your skin looks smoother and more firmer. But creams cannot penetrate and lift sagging muscles.

I've also seen those skin care commercials that promise to plump up skin and eliminate the need for facial fillers. Don't know how or why they are allowed to say that - but know it never worked for me.

What has worked for me in terms of firming and lifting facial contours is facial exercises.

I kept a photo journal of my progress with lots of before and after pictures so I can honestly say I KNOW face exercises work.

But it's important not to just concentrate on lifting the cheeks, you will get better results and a nice overall balanced look if you exercise the whole face.

I am most excited about the dramatic change this workout had on my sagging neck!!! See these amazing Before and After pictures.

Also, because I've been doing face exercises for a while, I've been able to maintain a fuller face even into my mid 50s.

See Facial Muscle Toning.

Hope this information was helpful. If you do decide to try facial exercises, please take pictures before hand because you won't believe your eyes after a few months.

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