Disappointed - Turkey Neck Article

by Lynne
(Huntsville, ON Canada)

When will the day come when women share some information without having to sell something? I am all for capitalism, but I get tired of seeing money making schemes to get my dollar. I will pass and love my neck as it is Thank You.

Hi Lynn,

If you're referring to my response to the article on neck aging in the Vibrant Nation Forum, I'm not sure what you mean about a money making scheme?

I am simply sharing something that really helped improve the look of my neck.

Since the article in the forum was about how to improve the look of an aging neck (i.e. Turkey Neck), I assumed this is something many women are interested - which is why I shared my results.

That's what a forum is all about sharing information............

If this is something you're not interested in - fine. Nobody is forcing anyone to buy anything.

But, for those women who are concerned about how they look, I am thrilled to share something that worked for me. And, it didn't cost me a fortune.

I paid for the exercise DVD once and now I have something to help me look good as I age and I don't have to keep spending more money to replace or repurchase it - like you would with creams or Botox injections.

I think it's pretty exciting to have found an inexpensive anti-aging option that really works for once - unlike some of the creams recommended in the article.


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