Deep Eye Sockets - How To Fill In Sunken Eyes?

by Pam

How to fill-in sunken eyes?

How to fill-in sunken eyes?


I have very deep eye sockets that make my face look sunken in. Is there anyway to fill the area under my eyes or give my lower eyelids a lift? I think I'll look much younger if I can firm up that area.


Editor's Note:

Hi Pam,

Thanks for your question regarding sunken eyes. Yes, I agree with you - when your lower eyelids are droopy it can cause your whole face to look sort of sunken in, tired and gaunt.

The solution to this problem really depends on the cause. If it's due to fatigue or dehydration - for example - a few extra hours of sleep or drinking extra glasses of water can help.

But, the most common causes of sunken eyelids and dark circles is usually due to age. The muscles around the eye socket begin to weaken and droop downward.

This along with other face muscles - like those found around the forehead, eyebrows and cheeks - also start to droop and this combination contributes to that overall tired look.

Two remedies that have worked well for me are the following:

1 - Facial muscle exercises which can help strengthen the muscles around the eye sockets.

Facial exercises can also help stimulate blood flow to the face and can help alleviate dark under eye circles.

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While the skin around my eyes wasn't that droopy yet, I was developing under eye lines and some deep pockets. Face and eye exercises helped lift and fill out those lines. But, for best results, you should work out the whole face since all the muscles are interconnected.

2 - The second remedy I use for droopy eyelid skin is an Instant Eye Lift serum. I know the effects are only temporary but I use it every morning and love the results. It lasts all day until I wash it off.

see my before and after pictures here. They're pretty amazing!

I hope this helps!!

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