Can Botox Cause Cheek Wrinkles?

by Piper

Botox causes cheek wrinkles?

Botox causes cheek wrinkles?

I had Botox around my eye area and at the crow's feet. And, now a few weeks later, it seems like I have more wrinkles, especially around the upper cheek area.

Could the Botox injection cause those wrinkles?

Until now, I didn't have any issues.

Please help.



Hi Piper!

Thanks for your question regarding Botox causing cheek wrinkles.

Well, Botox itself doesn't directly cause cheek wrinkles.

In fact, Botox is often used to reduce wrinkles by relaxing muscles that cause lines and wrinkles, like those "crow's feet" around the eyes or frown lines.

However, if Botox is injected incorrectly or in excessive amounts, it could potentially lead to unintended effects, such as changes in facial expressions or muscle imbalances that might indirectly affect the appearance of the cheeks.

It's surprising how too much Botox or Botox injected incorrectly can lead to other facial issues.

When a group of muscles is paralyzed, others muscles take over which can create imbalances, lead to new wrinkles forming as these muscles overcompensate.

A good example, is getting too much Botox injected into the crow's feet area on someone who has long crow's feet or a thin face or/and less volume around the eye area.

This can lead to eye corner hollows or a Botox shelf. Check out this before and after picture of Botox for crow's feet.

This problem was fixed by added a little bit of dermal filler to reduce cheek wrinkles and then a dose of Baby Botox.

That's why it's important to have Botox administered by a qualified and experienced professional who understands facial anatomy and the appropriate dosages.

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