What's the best eyeliner for older wrinkled eyelids

by Anita G.
(Atlanta, Ga.)

best eyeliner for aging mature eyelids

best eyeliner for aging mature eyelids

Hi Linda,

I'm over 50 and have noticed little tiny wrinkles on my upper and lower eyelids.

Just like you, I love to wear eyeliner, but it just doesn't seem to look as good as it used too and I think part of it is due to the wrinkles around my eyelids.

Plus, I just don't think I look the same with eyeliner anymore and that makes me sad because that is all the makeup I ever wear. Without eyeliner, I look like I'm ill and my eyes just fade away.

Any suggestions on the best type of eyeliner makeup for mature aging eyes?

Editor's Note: Hi Anita and thanks for your question regarding eyeliners for wrinkled eyelids. This is a very common problem for women over 40 or so.

The problem I found was that while thicker crayon type eyeliners go on much smoother than waxy pencils (and fill-in those little skips in between the wrinkles of the eyelids) they tend to wear away half way through the day.

And, if you apply a heavier layer in hopes that it will last longer, then it looks a little too dressy for daytime look.

I always aim for a natural, but yet defined eyeliner makeup look. I want people to notice my eyes, not my makeup!

I recently started experimenting with gel eyeliners and have to say, I'm pretty impressed.

I've been a fan of Maybelline eyeliner pencil for over 40 years. But lately, I've noticed that it tends to skips over those little wrinkles on the upper eyelids leaving little white dashes.

So after some experimenting, I found a nice creamy gel eyeliner that gives me the same natural look without skipping (filling in those tiny wrinkles) and I don't have to keep re-apply it during the middle of the day.

This is the best over 40 eyeliner is a gel liner with a super thin pointed brush. I love this liner and the range of colors. You can see how it works here.

You may Also, read more about this waterproof gel eyeliner here.

Hope this helps.

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Jan 20, 2024
Thanks for that eyeliner suggestion
by: Linda

Thanks for that eyeliner suggestions. I tried Mac but it didn't last all day even though it's supposed to be water-proof.

I still like Mommy Makeup's water-proof, smudge-proof gel liner. The thin brush that comes with it is skinny enough to define my eyelid, but not make my eyes look hooded.

I have smallish eyes and thick liners only make my lids look heavy and my eyes look small. It's really hard to find a pencil that is super skinny.

I would like to have a pencil on hand, because while the gel is nice, it takes a little longer than using a pencil. I'll give the Urban Decay a try. I don't care if it's pricey, as long as it works for me. :-)

Jan 20, 2024
update your makeup as you get older
by: Anonymous

As a 47-year-old eye makeup lover, I know how you feel. Wearing eyeliner just doesn't look or go on as good as it used to when I was younger.

I wore thick black liquid eyeliner in a cat's eye style. But, now it just looks strange and makes me look haggard.

So I've switched to using a really thin, long-wearing, water-proof black pencil on my upper waterline only. And before it dries, I try subtly smudge it into the lash line.

This works great for me. Currently, I use the Mac twist-up liner. But, I've heard great things about Tarte's waterline liner and Urban Decay twist-up, even though it's more expensive.

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