Why Preparation-H Can Make Swollen Wrinkled Eyelids Worse

Puffy, swollen, or wrinkled eyelids. We’ve all suffered from this at one time or another. There are lots of suggestions and remedies for this problem and you’ll see a lot of the same old remedies repeated a thousand times on the internet. They include:

  • cold spoons
  • frozen tea bags
  • cold eye gel packs
  • cold wash cloth
  • cucumbers
  • frozen peas
  • Preperation-H

While a few of these may help reduce swelling, none will reduce wrinkles and one remedy may not even be safe. 

What about using Preparation-H for swollen wrinkled eyelids?

Well, for those who say Preparation-H works, I’d like to see their before and after pictures because for me it was a disaster. It made the swelling and wrinkling worse.

5 Reasons not to use Preparation-H for swollen eyes

First, understand that this product was not meant to be used near the eyes, nose, or mouth. Meaning it’s not safe and can cause injury if it gets into the eyes.

Second, the manufacture of Preparation H says that it no longer contains the same active ingredient it once (Bio-Dyne)…which was supposed to helped reduce swollen tissues.

Third, this product is very greasy. The base ingredient contains 74% petroleum jelly and 14% mineral oil. Now would you want to apply Vaseline and mineral oil to swollen eyelids? Applying greasy/oily products to the thin skin around the eyes can only make the swelling worse.

Fourth, greasy creams can cause Mila – which are tiny white hard bumps (cysts) above and below the eyelids. I developed Mila after using Preparation H several times in an attempt to reduce puffy eyelids.  When I told my dermatologist she said that I should never use any product that contains petroleum jelly or mineral oil near eyes – or even on the face for that matter.  Keep in mind that some people are more prone to Mila than others, but once you get a few they’re hard to get rid of.

Fifth, depending on what country you live in - some Prep-H products still contain Phenylephenhrine HCI with is a vasoconstrictor. This means it helps to narrow swollen blood vessels. However, most causes of puffy eyes have nothing to do with swollen blood vessels but rather too much water or fat accumulation under the eye contour. 

Better solutions for puffy wrinkled eyelids

Bottom Line?

I think there are better more effective and safer remedies than Preparation-H to hide swollen wrinkled eyelids and reduce eye puffiness. One is to try eye serums designed to lift and reduce swelling of the under eyelids.

Many of these serums also help hide the look of fine lines too. Bonus! And, since they're designed to be used around the delicate eye area, you're less likely to experience side effects. 

See what I used to hide my under eye puffiness and wrinkles - My under eye care must have.

Continue here to see more natural Swollen Puffy Eye Solutions.

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