Question about Lip Shape without Fillers Exercise

by Stacy
(Miami, Florida, USA)


I bought the Lip Shaping exercise video to shorten the philtrum. But I have a few questions about this workout:

QUESTION: For the move where you put your index fingers on either side of mouth, then kiss and try to lift the upper lip up and out. What is the purpose for the fingers on either side of the mouth? I assume their trying to stop the lips from forming the kiss? And the kissing motion is more like flaring the lip up and out - like a strong pucker?

ANSWER: Your fingers help to create resistance for the two little muscles that are just above your upper lip and this aids in turning the upper lip up and out. As soon as we created the resistance by holding the corners of the mouth in place, we started to get the effect of the upper lift lifting up almost immediately. It worked so fast. We noticed that it took about a week to get an obvious ability to flare up the upper lip. Those little muscles develop quickly!

QUESTION: For the 2nd to the last exercise where you put your finger into the cupids bow and push in and push up, what is the finger on the nose doing? Just trying to hold the upper lip/mouth steady as you try to pull the lip down? Therefore, working the muscle?

ANSWER: Yes, when you hold the tip of your nose in place, and push in and up into the dimple of the philtrum and pull the upper lip down, all at the same time, You are creating a deeper dimple in the philtrum while stimulating the tissue and muscles in this area. The result is a more defined philtrum and a strengthening of the whole area.

If you don't hold the tip of the nose in place, you cannot create enough resistance to get the desired look. As a result, we notice that the cupid's bow is given a little lift with this movement. You'll see this as you work the routine.

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