Liquid Eyeliner vs. Gel: Why Gel Liners are Better for Older Women

Do you find liquid eyeliner hard to use? I do. It goes on too heavy, smears during application, and dries too fast, so I can't fix it.

I’d rather use gel liners instead, and this new way to apply is just genius! Check out these simple gel eyeliner tips and tricks!

by Linda Robison

Pretty older woman applying eyemakeup.

Gel or Liquid Eyeliner? 🤔

Welcome to the age-old debate! Now, you're probably familiar with the trials and tribulations of using eyeliners, aren't you?

Seems like there's always something going wrong. Too thick? Too thin? Smudging here, there, and everywhere?

We've all been there, and it's so annoying. But, I found a new way to use gel eyeliners that's so easy to apply and to fix any mistakes. Interested? 

Whether you're a makeup newbie or a seasoned pro, a smooth and perfect eyeliner application is an art that can sometimes feel impossible to master.

This is where gel eyeliner saves the day.

Much more forgiving than its tricky liquid counterpart, gel eyeliner might just be the game-changer you've been waiting for. Here are just a few reasons why:

Several reasons why gels are better than liquid eyeliners for mature skin:

Woman looking up while applying eyeliner.
  • Not quick drying: Liquid eyeliners tend to dry quickly upon application, making it difficult to correct mistakes or achieve the exact look you want. Gel eyeliners provide a more forgiving window of time for adjustments, typically around 30 seconds, ensuring you have enough time to perfect your eyeliner.
  • Say goodbye to smudges: Liquid liners have a thinner consistency which allows them to smear easier, compared to Gel liners. But you still get the same polished as liquid eyeliners.
  • No need for surgeon's steady hand: Applying a gel liner is easy because it's thicker. Wobbly hands? No problem.
  • Tiny build-ups for a perfect liner: Since gel is thicker than liquid liner, you can apply it in small dots across the eyelid. No need to draw a long line. This gives you a fool-proof eyeliner look.
  • Mature skin-approved: It works great on mature eyelids which might be a bit thin, crinkly, or loose. No tugging or smudging here.
  • Comfortable Application: This is just my personal opinion, but I feel that Gel liners glide on smoother. A nice bonus for delicate or aging skin, minimizing the risk of irritation.
  • Easy to Remove: Gel eyeliners are easy to remove when you're ready to take off your makeup. You won't have to rub or scrub vigorously, which can be harsh on delicate skin.
  • No more eyelid stretching. Take care of your sensitive eyelids. No need to stretch them out to get a smooth eyeliner look. See the "how to apply eyeliner tutorial below"...

Bonus for Gel vs Liquid Eyeliner? More Colors to Choose From!

Gel eyeliners come in a wide variety of beautiful colors.

This is important for us older women because we may need to experiment with different shades to suit our changing skin tone. This is especially true if you have gray hair or fading eyebrows.

Wearing the right color eyeliner can enhance your overall look and complement your features.

Gel eyeliner tutorial for beginners

Check out these simple tips and tricks on how to apply gel eyeliner.

I've tried tons of liquid eyeliners but found this gel pot eyeliner called the easiest to apply and completely smudge proof.

Gel liner tutorial.

These gel eyeliners were created by award-winning makeup artist, Debra Rubin-Roberts. She created theses for the woman on a budget, in a hurry, and to compliment all skin tones.

I like these eyeliner gels for several reasons:

  1. It’s tear proof. I’ve never been able to wear any colored liners on the waterline without irritation. Even expensive hypoallergenic ones! But, I can apply this gel liner on the inside rims of my upper and lower lids without any tearing or irritation whatsoever.  
  2. It’s waterproof, but doesn’t dry right away, so it goes on silky smooth. This eliminates the need to stretch or pull the skin.  And, it gives time (about 30 seconds) to fix any mistakes. Even though that doesn’t happen very often because the brush applicator makes it very easy to apply.
  3.  The makeup quality eyeliner brush is pointy and thin which makes it easy to use. It wipes off clean and easy.
  4. Lots of beautiful colors to choose from and are especially suited for mature skin tone.

Gel eyeliner colors

Mature skin looks best with softer colors and Stay Put Gel offers a ton of colors to compliment any skin tone. 

Mommy Makeup Gel Eyeliners.

You can see all Mommy Makeup Gel Eyeliner Colors at this link.

Check out a picture of me wearing the Golden Champagne Gel Liner. It's perfect for bringing a "POP" to my eyes without accentuating wrinkles or dark circles. 😊

You'll have a choice of 11 beautiful, age appropriate shades, all thoughtfully designed with mature skin tones in mind. These colors are elegant and subtle, perfect for those looking for a sophisticated look.

These shades aren't vibrant and flashy like what you'd find in a teenager's makeup bag. Instead, they encompass a range of options, from rich black orchid and deep browns to soft eggplant tones.

Plus, they've introduced a stunning royal blue shade that complements a wide range of skin tones. It's definitely on my shopping list for the next order.

Liquid Eyeliners vs. Gel: Solutions for Mature Women

After a certain age, most of us have issues with loose or crinkly skin around the eyes. This makes getting precise, clean, eyeliner look difficult and frustrating.

Unlike liquid eyeliners that dry too quickly, smudge easily, and demand constant adjustments, gel eyeliners are more forgiving, less likely to smudge, and perfect for those with unsteady hands or not too clear vision.

Their thicker consistency is ideal for mature, delicate, or wrinkled eyelids.

Gel eyeliners also eliminate the need to stretch your eyelids, a common issue with liquid ones. With a variety of colors designed for mature skin and easy-to-follow tutorials, gel eyeliners provide a hassle-free solution to your eyeliner challenges.

What I like about Stay Put Gel Eyeliner by Mommy Makeup, is its affordable and specially crafted for the needs of mature women. 😊

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