How to Use Eye Lift Serum with Makeup?

by Becky


I bought the Easy Eye Tuck Serum and when I first tried it, it worked great. So the next morning I did my usual makeup routine and put the serum on but this time it didn't work as well.

I was wondering if I should put the eye tuck on before or after my makeup? I use an airbrush machine for makeup, and I put on after, and it was white and Cakey. Any suggestions?


Hi Becky,

The best results are always obtained when the eye serum is able to make contact with the skin. The more products laying on top of the skin, the less than perfect results. But like most women, I need to use an eye moisturizer first before I use any type of eye lift serum.

So I found a few ways to make this work for me.

Here are a couple of things to try:

1. Do your normal makeup routine, moisturizer, sunscreen, makeup, etc.… After you use the airbrush makeup machine, let the makeup dry and anything else you applied to the eye area dry and soak in thoroughly.

2. Then with a tissue - very lightly blot the under-eye area (where you'll be applying the serum) to remove any excess makeup residue.

3. Then apply a very thin, light layer of the serum across the area that is puffy or wrinkled. When you glide the serum under your eyes, make sure you don't just stop at the corner of your eyes. Why? Because this can cause excess serum to accumulate and cause whitish film in the outer corner of the eyes. So, glide the serum under the eyes and continue all the way out to the hairline.

4. Finally, if you do see a spot of whitish film, take a damp fingertip and pat and/or smooth that area a bit. A whitish film usually means too much serum has accumulated in that area. Sometimes when you have moisturizers or makeup sitting on top of your skin, it prevents the serum from spreading out smoothly and evenly, and it causes that look.

Remember, the more products sitting on top of the skin, the harder it is for the serum to make contact with the skin and spread out smoothly.

I hope this helps. These tips have always worked well for me. You can read more here at: How to reduce puffy eyes with EES eye tuck serum


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