How to fix sagging face and skin around cheeks and jowls

by Linda

Saggy Cheeks Before and After: How To Fix Sagging Cheeks Naturally

Saggy Cheeks Before and After: How To Fix Sagging Cheeks Naturally

Hi Everyone,

I often get questions about how to fix sagging cheeks naturally or do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions on how to fix or lift sagging skin on the face.

Especially around the lower cheeks and jowls.

Well, through my experience I found that you can lift this whole area easily, without side effects and without spending a ton of money.

But, it will require is a little bit of your time. Just about 15 minutes only 3 times a week.

When you look at all of my Before and After pictures, it's important to know that I was over 55 when I started these exercises and I am VERY PLEASED with my results!

So, it's never too late to start facial exercises.

Taking pictures is important if you go this route so you can see the changes happening because they are subtle - but over time you can get an idea of how far you've come.

Like in the before and after picture above - the changes I notice the most is:

  • my jowls look firmer and less pudgy

  • my face looks slimmer

  • my nasolabial fold area looks firmer

  • my eyes look wider and more open

  • One thing to remember when you want lift or "fix" sagging skin anywhere on your face (from your cheeks to your jowls) is that you need to work on the whole face, not just that one area.

    All the muscles in your face are connected and just like bodybuilding (but with a LOT LESS SWEAT and TIME) you need to work all the muscles for a nice balanced look.

    My first trial with facial exercises started because I just wanted to fix my sagging neck. But, when I saw all the other areas of my face getting a nice lift - I was hooked.

    Here is a How to Prevent Face Sagging.

    These exercises are the most natural and least expensive way to fix sagging skin on the whole face - from the cheeks all the way to your jowls - and even neck/chest.

    And, I'm thrilled to share this information with you all!

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