Facial Skin Care Treatments- My First Mini RF Machine

by Linda

Hi all,

I'm trying out a new facial skin care treatment, a mini (for home use) radio frequency (RF) machine. Apparently, these newer home based mini RF machines are pretty powerful and from the reviews I've read they do help tighten the skin a bit.

Of course, nothing will work as good as a professional facial treatment, but this is much cheaper.

Plus, with all the facial exercises and massages I do, I only need a little bit of "tweaking" mostly around the under chin and neck area where I still see a bit of sagging.

The product description says this machine can help improve the shape and contour the outline of face (who wouldn't want a stronger more defined jaw bone?).

It also says it can help stimulate collagen cells, tighten the skin and increase blood circulation.

Well, we shall see! All I'm really looking for is a tightening of the lower half of my face and of course, the neck.

Because it heats up the dermis and reacts with collagen, you not supposed to use it too often. Once or twice a week spaced out over several days is all you need. The reason for this down time in between is to allow the collagen and skin to recover and build up.

So, I'll keep you all posted of my progress. The company says you can except to see results in 4-8 weeks. Just like with facial exercises. It takes time, but so worth it!


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