Why This Face Lift Exercise?

There are a ton of face lift exercise programs out there. So why did I choose this particular program? I'll give you the pros and cons below.

But before I tell you why, let me explain the quote above.

It's been said that a fuller face looks younger. But, sometime over 40, we begin to lose facial fat - which gives our skin that plump, young, healthy look. This lack of facial fat also causes excess skin to droop - creating jowls and sagging neck skin.

Gaining extra body weight (not recommended) can sometimes help your face a bit by keeping your cheeks fuller. Have you ever noticed how smooth and full the cheeks look on a woman who is overweight?

Carrying excess weight usually means you'll have a fuller bottom (behind) too. So actresses in the 50s and 60s would joke that they'd rather be a bit overweight in order to keep their faces looking younger. Remember, as an actress - their face was everything.

A better option for a younger face

I’ve tried many different face and neck exercises over the years. And they went from one extreme to the other:

  • Some programs only came with a simple spiral bound booklet (with hardly any pictures), and a few pages of vague instructions.
  • Others came with a huge boxed CD set or overwhelming series of cassettes.

Yes, cassettes! That shows how long I've been trying face and neck exercises.

Bottom line: Many face exercise programs I tried were too time consuming or too complicated. Just trying to understand the proper finger placement, memorizing the positions, all the counting and the repetitions...Oh, forget it!

And, others were so boring!

I didn't like doing them and couldn't stick with any program on a regular basis. 

Then I found Facial Fitness by Carolyn Cleaves. Carolyn initially designed this face exercise program for herself and made it so easy  -  you can do them in bed. In fact, she recommends you perform the face lift exercise lying down for better results.

(I’ll explain more about that later...)

How this face exercise program is different?

How does Carolyn's Facial Fitness compare to all the others I've tried?  

Simple – only takes 15 minutes to complete from start to finish.

Relaxing – includes gentle massaging that relieves tension in the face.

Complete – combines isometric/resistance training for all muscles (57 of them) from your scalp to your neck/upper chest.

Why is the last point (Complete Workoutso important? The muscles of the face and neck are all interconnected. So in order to get a beautiful, elegant look to the face and neck, it's important to exercise ALL 57 muscles during each workout.

For example: Did you know in order to relieve hooded eyelids or lift sagging jowls, the Platysma muscle (muscles in the front of the neck) need to be built up first?

I didn't know that. That's why I rely on Carolyn's expertise. I just put her CD on and lay back and follow her instructions. That's what makes her workout so simple.

How this face lift exercise work?

Basically, you get a DVD and a pacing CD. The DVD (which features Carolyn) shows you how to perform each exercise correctly. The pacing CD is what you'll use once you've learned the exercises. 

It took me about a week reviewing the DVD to learn the names of the exercises and how to do them correctly.

After that it's pretty simple...Just pop the pacing CD into your CD player and lay back and follow along.

The pacing CD will tell you which exercise to do next and even does the counting for you! So Simple!!

  • no equipment necessary
  • no need to memorize complicated steps
  • no need to remember how many reps you’ve done
  • You can do these facial exercises in bed or on the floor – whichever is most comfortable for you.

Try this sample exercise...

Want to see before and after results?

Check out my awesome neck firming/lifting results after only 8 weeks!

If you’re interested in more information, want to see before and after pictures, or just want to try another free face lift exercise, visit Carolyn’s website.

If you do try this program, I urge you to take pictures beforehand so you can measure your progress.

So do face lift exercises work?

Yes, I know they work because I have the before and after pictures to prove it. Also, when I compare pictures of myself from a few years ago to present day - there is not much age related changes, and even some improvements in certain areas of my face.

Carolyn calls this the "Youth Jump". Through experience she's found that about every 12 weeks or so you will experience a "Youth-Jump" where you seem to look a bit younger than before. Click here and scroll all the way down to bottom to learn more about this exciting side-effect of face lift exercises.

But remember, the key is consistency! Face lift exercises will only work if you do them on a regular weekly basis. And because Carolyn's Facial Fitness program is easy and quick I've able to stick with it and I love my results. 

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