My one beauty tip and trick for this serum

by Terry

Hi All,

I've been using this serum for over 3 years and have worked it many different ways. But this is my favorite beauty trick for the best results.

Since I have very dry skin I must use a facial moisturizer and a moisturizing foundation. And I always use sunscreen around my eyes, so I make sure to let it set in for a few minutes BEFORE applying the EES products.

Then, I'll apply a tiny bit of the Illuminating Eye Cream. It has a really nice pearly sheen so it helps hide the dark/purple color I sometimes have under my eyes.

After the Illuminator cream has had a chance to be absorbed for few minutes, I wet my index finger tip with water and pump a tiny drop of serum on top of that.

The little bit of water on my finger tip helps thin the serum out a bit. This really helps me apply the serum more evenly and I no longer get a whitish film.

Make sure you smooth the serum "very lightly" across the puff/wrinkled area. You don't want to rub off the Illuminator cream even though it stays on pretty well. Just keep lightly smoothing your finger back and forth until serum looks absorbed.

I know I went into great detail here and made it sound complicated, but it really only takes a few minutes to apply. I guess my suggestion is to try a tiny bit of water if you have problems with a whitish film and make sure you put the serum AFTER all of your other products (like moisturizer and sunscreen) have been absorbed.

Hope this helps ya'll


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Is the Eye Tuck an anti aging skincare treatment for the eyes?

by Marie

Is the Eye Tuck an anti-aging skincare treatment or just a temporary solution? I mean is it going to help my eyes look better in the future or am I just putting a band-aid on the problem?

I've tried the Wonderlift years ago and it was so drying and tight I think it even made my eye area look worse after a few days.

I couldn't wait to come home and wash it off!!!

It looked good and tight, but as soon as I smiled it sort of cracked and puckered and it felt really tight.

I was so self conscience the whole day. But was afraid to wash it off at work because I didn't have any of my makeup or concealer with me and didn't know how bad my eyes would look bare.

Anyway, I realized that there was nothing in this product to help my skin look better down the road.


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Yes, it's an anti-aging wrinkle treatment
by: Anonymous

Hi Marie,

According to the website and product developer Zach Merrile - the eye tuck serum is supposed to help improve and tighten the skin over time.

They say it contains ingredients that helps to strengthen the skin.

I've been using it for a while and I think I do see a difference in the tone of the skin under my eyes.

I know one thing, it does help the area look good and my eyes seems to look at night when I wash my face. So, I'm happy.

But I still use Roc Retinol Eye cream at night and lots of sunscreen during the day and I always wear sunglasses. Even in the wintertime.

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Does the Easy Eye Solution Instant Eye Tuck work for hooded eyes?

by Rosie

Hi Ladies,

Does anyone know if the Instant Eye Tuck serum can be used on the upper eyelid skin like to help with hooded eyes? I really have a problem with upper eyelid sagging.

I read about this serum on several skin care forums and understand that it can help tighten loose skin under the eyes.

But what about the upper eyelid skin?

It's pretty frustrating for me because there aren't any products that I know of that helps firm the upper eyelid.


Hi Rosie,

The Instant Eye Lift serum is meant for the skin under the eyes.

It can help reduce puffiness, firm up loose skin, and hide fine lines and crepiness. However, from what I understand from the manufacturer - the serum is not designed to be used on the upper eyelids.

Aside from surgery (upper eyelid lift) there is a natural remedy you can try for hooded or droopy upper lids.......egg whites!

Here is how to use it: Close your eye and then apply a thin layer of egg whites onto the crease of your upper eyelid. Keep your eye closed until the eye whites dry.

If this doesn't lift your eyelid enough you can apply another layer or 2 if you need it. Just make sure to let each layer dry before applying the next one.

Hope this helps.

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Puffiness Under Eyes

I bought the Easy Eye Solution Instant Eye Tuck to help reduce puffiness under my eyes. But I keep reading different ways to apply it. What do you think works best?

Editor's Note


Thanks for your question regarding puffiness under eyes........

Personally, I find the serum works best for me when I apply it last. Here is what I do..........................

A) I wash my face in the morning then apply eye moisturizer, concealer where needed, then sunscreen.

B) I wait a few minutes to let all the creamy products soak in. Especially if I use a lot of moisturizer - like during the colder, drier winter months.....(I have dry skin).

C) Then when all creams have had a chance to soak in, I lightly massage (using a back and forth motion) a small amount of serum very lightly across the wrinkle/puffy eye area. I do this lightly because I don't want to rub off my concealer.

However, many other people (and even the guy who developed this serum) tell me they do it the opposite. They apply the serum first and then makeup and concealers on top.

The best I can tell you is to try both ways to see what works for you.

You'd be surprised of all the creative ways people use this serum. My husband uses it but he likes to pump a drop of the serum on top of a wet fingertip. Then using the other finger tip he mixes it together and then smooths onto to each. I guess he finds it easier to get a smoother look when the serum is a bit watered down.

One woman tells me she uses a makeup brush to apply the serum! She says it goes on smoother and less is wasted. I have not tried that yet, but I'm not very hand with makeup brushes. I like using my fingers to apply face products.

Also, I noticed as the serum gets older and if you don't keep the cap on all the time, the serum tends to thicken up a bit. While I like it better thicker - I think some people find it more difficult to apply it smoothly that way. So mixing the serum with a wet finger tip helps make it easier to apply.

Here is a video of my friend trying out the serum.

She just uses a drop on her ring finger and sort of pats it in quickly along the orbital bone. She likes that while it won't completely get rid of her puffy eyes, it does make a difference. You especially notice that when she covers one eye with her hand and then the other - so you can really see the difference.

Remember, short of surgery, there are no products (that I'm aware of and I've tried almost every eye lift serum on the market) that will get "rid" of puffy eyes. But at least this does a pretty decent job and is the least drying of all the serums I have ever used.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have anymore questions.


Hope this helps,

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How I apply the Eye Tuck serum....

I apply the serum the way Zach shows on the video.

He puts a small dot of it on the top of his hand and then dabs it with his finger tip and lightly massages it back and forth from the inner eye to the outer corners.

It almost looks like he takes it out and up to the temple/crow's feet area.

I've never had a problem with this and I use it on top of my eye moisturizer and sunscreen.
I love that it can be used with moisturizers.

The other serums I've tried had to be used on bare skin only and that won't work for me. My skin (especially in the eye area) is very, very dry.

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Eye Tuck Serum and Flaking

by Maria


I've used the Eye Tuck Serum for 5 days now. Fantastic results! I never thought anything would suck in those droopy bags under my eyes.

But, the last few times I used it, I noticed a white flaking in the outer corners of my eyes. What did I do wrong this time?

Hi There,

It's been my experience that if you use too much of the serum, it will dry nicely and then as you move your face and smile, the white flakes show-up.

Try using less - like the size of a pea or even less than that.

If I'm having a really bad puffy eye day, I'll apply a tiny bit and massage it well into the skin.

Then wait a few minutes and if I need more I'll apply a tiny bit more. That usually works for me.

Also, if you notice any flaking, just wet your finger tip and dab the area. That usually works. Hope this helps.

P.S. If you use an eye moisturizer or any cream - make sure it is absorbed well. Wait a few minutes before applying the serum. That really helps.

Also, the weather sometimes have an effect too. I've been using this serum for almost 3 years now and noticed that on hot humid summer days, I may experience more flaking if I've used too much eye cream.

If the weather is damp, try using less cream around the eye area.

But, I have to say honestly, this doesn't happen to often and the results I get are worth any incidental flaking I may experience from time to time.

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Lines under the eyes

by JJ
(St. Simons Island, Ga.)

How can I make the lines under my eyes less visible? I've tried so many products and nothing really makes a difference.

I've tried everything from the really cheap drugstore brands like Sudden Change Under Eye Serum to the very expensive Strivectin SD eye cream.

Nothing! I know I can't get rid of them completely, but is there any tip or makeup trick to help hide those lines a little bit. I'm very self-conscience about them!



Oh, P.S. I'm almost 50 years old, but have started seeing lines and wrinkles since my early 40s. I just never thought they would get so bad so quickly.

Editors Reply: Hi JJ, thanks for your question concerning reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines under your eyes.

My first thought was - I hear ya! I too have been dealing with little crinkly (and slightly larger) lines under my eyes since my early 20s!!

I also tried lots of products - including the Strivectin SD Under Eye Cream and the Sudden Change Under Eye Serum from Walmart.

The Strivectin cream felt really nice and soothing. And, although it felt a bit greasy it make the skin under the eyes feel very soft and hydrated. But it never really did much for reducing the appearance of the lines.

In fact, I think in some ways it made the lines more visible because the whole under eye area was so shiny from this super creamy eye product.

Plus, it is ridiculously expensive.

Now the Sudden Change Under Eye Serum.....Horrible!!!

It look and felt like I smeared raw egg whites under my eyes. My skin felt very tight and had a whitish film across the skin.

AND, while it did hide those lines, as soon as I smiled everything cracked and started to flake.

I was so embarrassed because I applied the serum in the morning and then went to work. As soon as I got to work and started smiling and talking to co-workers, the serum started to peel and crack.

Ok, here is what I have been doing lately with much success.

Since 2012 I've been using (and LOVING) a very different anti-Aging eye serum called Instant Eye Tuck.

This very soft, flexible serum (unlike Sudden Change) helps to hide lines and wrinkles and helps to pull in in any puffiness or sagging skin.

And unlike those other serums you can apply this on top of your moisturizers and makeup....which I really like.

It's also great for those with really puffy eyes!

It works in about 3-5 minutes and lasts all day.

You can see a video of how well it works for my friend who has some baggy under eye issues.......
Click here
to watch the video

The second thing I do that helps is to keep the under eye skin hydrated so more wrinkles won't form.

I use the Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Aging Duo by Zenmed. It's a serum and cream combo that not only contains hyaluronic acid by omega 3 oils and ceramides.

You can really see the difference after the first application. Your skin will look plumper and lifted.

Hope this helps. Please write back and let me know how it works for you if you try it.

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