Can I put Preparation-H on my eye bags?

by Barbara

Can I use Preparation-H on my eye bags?

I know this sounds like an old remedy but I'm not finding anything that really helps reduce my puffy eyes and I don't want to have surgery due to medical reasons.

Even though I'm 59, I look good for my age, except for the bags under my eyes. I read all sorts of conflicting information about using Preparation H for puffy eyes. Some women say it works and other say it does not.

Could it be that there are many different types of this hemorrhoid product? I noticed some use a cream and others recommend the ointment. Do you have a preference for which one might work better?

Editor's Note:

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for your email regarding Preparation-H for puffy eyes.

Preparation-H (or any hemorrhoidal product) whether it's creams, ointments, doesn't matter - none have worked for me.

Maybe they were helpful many years ago, but I understand the formula changed, so that could be where all the hype about using hemorrhoidal products for eye bags started.

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I've been there too. I've tried everything from cold spoons, to tea bags, to coffee infused serums.........Nothing really worked well.

For now, I use an eye lifting serum and try to keep up with my facial exercises - especially those that strengthen the muscles (especially the lower eyelid) around my eyes. This works ok for me now........

From what I understand, the muscles in your eyes (and face) become weaker over the years and this allows the fat pads to bulge out creating the look of dark circles and puffy eyes.

Is it a miracle? No! But, it does help and I feel better when I apply the serum because I can feel it tightening the skin and pulling in the fat pad a bit.

Hope that help.

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