How Do I Find the Best Under Eye Cream

Dear Cosmetic Company,

What’s the best under eye cream for a woman over 40 years old? Please help me! There are too many eye creams to choose from, and I can't decide!

Do I need an eye cream with hyaluronic acid or peptides? What type of under eye product is better - a cream, gel or serum?


Desperate Seeking a Solution

Don’t you wish you could write to cosmetic manufacturers and ask them to help you select the perfect under eye wrinkle cream made just for your needs?

There are way too many to choose from!

best under eye wrinkle cream for women over 40

by Linda Robison

I know because I've spent a lot of time at cosmetic counters, drugstores, and online testing many under eye creams searching for the best one for me.

But, you know what? At the end of the day, I'm not really sure that I see much of a difference.

Yes, some feel better than others, but I've learned NOT to expect miracles. Even the best under eye cream won't permanently get rid of wrinkles or puffiness.

However, a good eye cream can help improve skin tone, soften, smooth, and hydrated - which can help improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Hopefully, this article can help narrow down the choices and enable you to make a better decision when you're shopping for the best under eye cream for YOUR needs. 

What do you want from an under eye cream

What do you need, expect, or want from your eye cream?

Most people over 40 have three very basic complaints about the under eye area:

  • Dry skin with wrinkles
  • Thin crepe, crinkly skin
  • Droopy, loose, or puffy skin (sometimes with dark circles)

Many of us actually have a bit of all three issues going on. So what do you do?

To be honest, despite what you hear or read in product infomercials, I don’t think even the most expensive, best under eye cream can fix for all these issues. 

The reality is that most of us will need at least two different eye creams. Especially if weather changes affects these issues.

Issue One: Thin, Crepe Crinkly 

If your key problem under the eyes is thin or crinkly skin, I would look for creams that contain peptides, fatty acids and/or ceramides.

Ceramides help keep skin hydrated, which can keep it looking firm, plump and, over time, actually improve the health of the delicate under eye skin.1

A good one to consider is Omega Ceramide+ Eye Therapy.

eye cream

It’s one of the few companies that make an eye cream with a high percentage of ceramides and omega fatty acids to help protect the skin barrier and keep it hydrated, protect against inflammation. 

Pure ceramides and omega fatty acids are expensive, so I think the price of this under eye cream is incredible.

Issue Two: Dry, Wrinkled, Aging 

Who wouldn't want more lustrous skin around the eyes with increased elasticity? Basically, any cream can hydrate and temporarily lessen the appearance of wrinkles.

But natural oils like almond, rosemary, baobab, and cypress can help prevent moisture loss, reduce irritation, inflammation and tighten and tone delicate skin.

I NEVER would have used oils on my face in my twenties, but now, I can't get enough!

Healing Natural Oils - Simply Eye Serum

Face oils can be used for eye wrinkles.

ALTERNATIVE: If you're looking for an all-in-one face, eye and neck cream, this whipped creamy potion is for you.

This anti-oxidant, vitamin rich cream was originally developed for the sensitive and dry skin around the eyes, but now you can use it on your face and neck... It feels fabulous!

 Carolyn’s Moisture Plus Organic Eye Cream

It's mostly organic and extremely soothing and hydrating, but still effective and protective.

Plus, it was developed by Carolyn from Facial Fitness after she turned 50 and experienced under eye issues! So, it's loaded with good stuff and natural!

Issue Three: Dull, Flaking, Fine Lines

To help exfoliate fine lines, retinols are excellent!

However, most drugstore brands don't really contain enough to make an enormous difference and the stronger ones you can buy online often irritate the skin.  

So that's why I'm a big fan of concentrated 2.5% retinol creams that you can purchase online. 

Alternative: If that’s not in your budget, try a Retinol Serum that you can just add to your current eye or face cream. 

What I love about this serum is that it's a highly stable, water-free 0.5% pure retinol serum in a base of squalene oil. Squalene oil is an antioxidant that helps protect UV and other environmental damage.

WHY I LOVE THIS? Because you can add a few drops to ANY skin cream, you're currently using. This makes it more economical and turns any skin care product you have into an anti-aging cream. 

How about hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is another great choice to help plump up fine lines. The Zenmed Hyaluronic acid serum comes in a dropper bottle (like the retinol serum) so this too can be an inexpensive alternative.

You can add this to any of your favorite eye or face creams!

You can even add both retinol and hyaluronic acid into the same cream...

Issue Four: Droopy, loose, or puffy 

If you are looking for an eye product that helps reduce puffy, crinkly under eye skin within in about 10 minutes -  check this one out. 

My absolute favorite (been using it since 2012) is the all-in-one product to de-puff and lift/tighten the under eye area called Easy Eye Solutions Instant Eye Tuck and Dark Circle Treatment.

Easy Eye Solution Serum.

While it’s not an eye cream, but a temporary lifting serum. It doesn't come in a sexy bottle or have fancy packaging, but it works. 

It's another one of those products (like Carolyn's Moisture Plus Eye Cream) that was developed for an individual with a specific eye issues.  

Click here to see a video of how this worked for my friend with very puffy eyes.

It's not manufactured by large cosmetic companies who are usually more concerned with profits than solutions...

It’s very soft and pliable (not tacky or drying like most lifting serums are) and can be used directly on top of any of your anti-aging under eye creams, makeup, sunscreen, or concealers.

Even the best under eye cream in the world won’t provide an instant lift and tuck like this serum does. I call it my girdle or spanx for the eye area. Check here for more information...

Still can't find the best under eye cream for YOUR needs? Got a question or comment? Visit the Anti-Aging Blog to post your question or see what others say.

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