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I suffer from under eye puffiness. My eyes are very sensitive and it doesn’t take much to get swollen eyes. Even allergy safe eye cosmetics and makeup can cause those bags to bulge. 

I can’t even use most under eye treatment creams that are meant for puffy eyes!

It’s been that way since I was in high school and I’ve probably spent thousands and thousands of dollars on eye cosmetics, creams, and serums. I even resorted to eye lid surgery (called Lower Blepharoplasty) and I STILL HAVE UNDER EYE PUFFIINES!

The surgery helped a little but now that I’m older the under eye bags seem to have reappeared again or I should say got worse. 

Under eye wrinkles

And, to make matter worse, the constant skin stretching from eye swelling created a lot of under eye wrinkles. It’s been such a problem for me for so many years!

And finding a solution or treatment was even harder because:

  • Wrinkle reducing products meant to fix wrinkles hydrate the skin. But in my case this only exaggerated the puffiness. More hydration, more fluid to puff up the eye area.
  • Puffy eye reducing products do the opposite. They tend to dry the area and shrink the skin and bags. But this only further exaggerated my wrinkles.

What was I supposed to do? I went CRAZY trying to find a happy medium between wrinkly dry under eye skin and a puffy, bloated eye area!

Under eye treatment for puffy eyes & wrinkles

So here are my results with a few popular under eye treatments:

I’ll start with my least favorite and work down. 

Before I start, I want to let you know this review is mostly about the instant eye firming serums that are so popular these days. I gave up on those creams that claim to work in a few weeks or so…….they did NOTHING for my eyes. Obviously!

But, that doesn’t mean it wouldn't work for you, this is just my opinion. Always try and test and save the receipt so you can return it.

Sudden Change Under-Eye Gel

I don't have a picture of this one, because I tried this around 1998 when it first came out. I guess it was new back then and there weren’t many eye firming serums on the market.

Well it did reduce the appearance of my under eye puffiness, but not in a good way. I only tried it once and threw it away.

It was the equivalent to putting egg whites under my eyes. Just a big white, tight patch across my lower lids. And the skin underneath just puckered and wrinkled.

Preparation-H Hemorrhoid Ointment

This cream/ointment is supposed to help shrink swollen tissues and reduce their size. But, it did nothing to reduce my eye bags. In fact, it caused my eyes to swell up a bit due to the heavy greasy consistency of the product, as you can see from the picture.

I read that the original product formula changed and the American version didn’t contain the special “live yeast cell” that it once did.

You can learn more about that here if you’re interested - Preparation H for Puffy Eyes

Peter Thomas Roth Instant FIRMx Eye Gel

 One thing I can say about this eye firming gel is it works! It will tuck away those puffy eyes……………………..but maybe it works a little too well?

It’s like super glue for the under eye skin. It’s very drying and leaves a crusty, crumbling white film on the skin.

Read more about my experience and see pictures here - Under Eye Lines and Bags 

Instantly Ageless

This one is not too bad, but it is hard to apply because it's so dry. And - like the others - it still dries the delicate under eye skin too much for my taste. Also, it doesn't wear too long.

The first few minutes after it dries, all looks good. Puffiness is gone and skin looks smooth and tight just like you see on the YouTube videos.

But, after a few hours, the skin under my eyes looks dry, flaky and peeling. I look like I have eczema.

Also, I don’t like the consistency of this product. It’s not very smooth. It has sort of a chunky, pasty consistency which makes application difficult and I wind up having to rub the skin under my eyes in order to apply it evenly and smoothly.

I’ve tried rubbing it between my fingers first to smooth it out. I’ve also tried applying it with a makeup brush. Sometimes that helps, but I don’t care for the dry feeling. And, worst of all it can’t be applied on top of any creams, makeup or moisturizers.

I need to use a moisturizer under my eyes!

And, like the FirmX, once it dries it accentuates the lines under my eyes when I smile or make facial expressions.

If you’re young, don’t have dry skin or too many wrinkles – this product may work for you. Unfortunately, it was not good for me.

Easy Eye Solutions Instant Eye Tuck Serum

So far, the EES serum works the best for me. It’s soft, not too drying and does not crack or accentuate my fine lines when I smile.

In fact, it helps camouflage those tiny lines and crepe-like skin. I have still have lines when I smile, but when I’m not smiling my skin looks pretty smooth.

It doesn’t completely get rid of very large eye bags (some days the bags under my eyes are bigger than other days), but it does help lift and tuck it a bit and creates a smoother under eye look.

I especially like the fact that it can be worn on top of moisturizers, makeup, and sunscreen .......... as long as you don’t apply them too heavily and you let the creams soak in before applying the serum.

Sometimes If I apply a lot of sunscreen or extra layers of moisturizer, I let everything soak in for about 15 minutes, then lightly blot the area with a tissue before applying the serum.

The serum needs to make contact with the skin in order to work. So the least amount of creamy products applied in that area - the better results.

I like the consistency of this product too. As you can see from the picture above, It’s more fluid - like a thick liquid - than the others and much easier to apply. So you not stretching and pulling skin.

The only problem with that consistency is it's easy to apply too much. And if you do you will notice a whitish flaking residue at the outer corners of the application. If that happens I just wet my finger or a tissue and dab a little off.

Best advice?

My advice is to start out with a tiny drop - half the size of a pea - to see what works for you. If that's not enough, then next time add more until you find what amount works best for you.

Watch this video to see how my friend reduced her puffy eyes in minutes!

Under eye puffiness best solution?

One solution for puffy eyes, dark circles, bags and under eye wrinkles

Well, that’s my under eye puffiness product review.

I don’t think there is a "perfect - works for everyone solution."

But as far as over-the counter puffy eye products go, this one works for me to not only reduce puffiness but helps hide tiny wrinkles, lines and skin crepiness.

And, it's  "Easy as Pie" to apply. 

Just swipe it under each eye, let dry and you're ready to go!

So, while I have a favorite remedy to treat swollen eyes and wrinkles for now, I’ll keep trying new under eye treatments because I never know when I'll find one I like even better.

And I'll post my results here on the Anti-Aging Beauty Zone site, so stay in touch.

I hope this was helpful.

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