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Preparation H for swollen baggy eyes

Puffy eyes remedy and Preparation H Ointment

So what's the deal with Preparation H (which is a hemorrhoid cream) for puffy eyes?

Many years back it was rumored that beauty pageant contestants would use Preparation H to help reduce swollen eyelids.

The theory was that since this ointment helped reduce swollen hemorrhoid tissues, it would do the same for swollen eyes.  

However, this was never proven and the makers of this product say it was never intended to be use around the eye area.

A company spokesperson for Preparation H stated that the company changed some of the ingredients many years back.

So it no longer contains the live yeast cell that was once reported to reduce swollen eyes.

None the less, some women still swear by it. So, if you're not sure – give it a try.

But, keep in mind that applying a heavy cream or ointment near the eye area may contribute to eye puffiness.

Most natural puffy eye remedy?

Eye Massage: A good natural puffy eyes remedy worth trying:

This doesn't require anything except time. Time to perform the massage and time for the lymphatic system to do it's thing.

Gently massaging the area helps to encourage lymphatic draining.

Don't bother with those anti-puff eye rollers you see in the drug store...........

Something as simple as lightly tapping your own index finger in a circular motion all around the eye perimeter can help a lot.

You can also try face/eye exercises to help improve the look of puffy eyes and crow's feet too.  Click here to see my results so far........

Natural Remedies You Can Make at Home

Need a Super Fast Remedy?

Try the Instant Eye Tuck. It helped reduce my fine under eye lines and puffiness in about 10 minutes. Click here to watch how quickly it transforms this woman's super puffy eyes.

We found a ton of home remedies ranging from frozen peas to cold tea bags to Preparation H hemorrhoid cream.

The most common natural remedy for swollen eyes is a cold compress (like a cold washcloth, cold spoons, or an eye mask). 

The cold helps constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling. While this may not be the quickest cure, it is the most natural remedy.

To improve your results and speed things up – consider some trying some natural ingredients found in your freezer, refrigerator or cupboard.  For example:

Frozen Peas

A frozen bag of peas works well since the peas are little; the bag conforms to the contours of your eyes and face.  It's soft and feels comforting when placed over the eyes.

And unlike wet tea bags, there is no mess even when the peas begin to thaw.

Cold tea bags for swollen eyes

It doesn't matter what type of tea you use - just make sure it's non-flavored and caffeinated. The caffeine helps constrict blood vessels and reduce the swelling. 

If your eyes are red and irritated, then try chamomile which helps calm irritation, redness, and inflammation.

Note: Those with very dry skin may find that the tannins in the tea bags might cause further drying of the skin

To prepare:

Seep two tea bags in a cup of hot water for five minutes.  Then put the tea bags into a container and place in the refrigerator until they're cold.

Cold tea bags worked pretty well.

The cold helped reduce inflammation and the tannins helped constrict blood vessels which helped reduce dark circles......

This should have been the perfect solution - right?

Well, not for me......

The tannins in the tea dried the delicate skin around my eyes and left me with crepey/ crinkly fine lines.

So looks like I traded one problem for another! 

Besides, who's got that much time to sit around each morning with cold tea bags on their eyes?

Frozen teaspoons

If you're out of cucumbers, anything cold can help, but cold teaspoons work well and they fit nicely over the whole eye area. Keep a few old teaspoons in the freezer.

They feel wonderful, are so easy to use and never drip or melt so there is no mess!!

Cold cucumbers

This is a classic puffy eyes remedy and feels wonderful.

Cold sliced cucumbers placed over each eyelid might help reduce the swelling too. Cucumbers contain natural astringent properties.

Place a thin slice over each each and sit back and relax for about 10 minutes.

If you have time - replace with two more slices and sit back and relax for 5 more minutes.

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