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I Tried These Puffy Eye Serums: Here's What Happened
January 28, 2024

Let's be real – life gets crazy, right?

Between working, late nights, caregiving responsibilities, hormonal changes, or just age, our eyes show it all. 😒

And, I’m sure we've all had that moment in front of the mirror, wondering do those puffy under-eye serums promising magical results really work?

I get it; I wondered the same thing.

And, I've been trying almost every new puffy eye reducer on the market, since the early 90s.

Remember an eye serum called Sudden Change?

It was a cheap drugstore brand that claimed to gently tuck-away those under eye bags.

Unfortunately, it felt like I was using Gorilla Glue instead of a gentle under-eye serum.

But, that didn’t stop me from trying other brands that followed.

In this issue, I share my thoughts and outcomes after trying out the top 6 popular products to treat under eye bags.

Check out my reviews and my results!

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