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Eyeliner Nightmare? My Personal Tips for Older Women
November 28, 2023

When did putting on eyeliner become so complicated? 🫤

I’ve been wearing eyeliner since high school. But now that I’m older, it’s more difficult to get it to look right.

Why is that? Well…

First off, those eyelids.

They tend to droop a little as time goes on, making the whole eyeliner thing a bit of a challenge. Drawing a line across droopy lids only makes the droop stand out more!

Then there's the wrinkle side of things.

Sometimes eyeliner can make those lines stand out even more. Or some eyeliner makeup settles and smudges into the creases as the day goes on.

Our hands just don't want to play nice anymore.

Adding a shaky hand into the mix, and a smooth eyeliner look goes out the window.

What type of eyeliner

And, finally, there is the eternal debate of 'pencil vs gel vs liquid' eyeliner. Which is better for mature eyes?

Well, I put together a personal guide that covers everything from picking the perfect eyeliner to the nitty-gritty of application.

It's complete with my step-by-step pics and a easy how-to tutorial video from a professional makeup artist.

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