Visine Eye Drops and Eye Tuck Serum?

by Eddie
(New York)

visine eye drops and instant eye tuck serum

visine eye drops and instant eye tuck serum

Does Visine really work well with the eye tuck serum?

I read on the EDS forum that some women mix the instant eye tuck serum with a little bit of visine eye drops. They said it worked even better to reduce puffy eyes and it didn't flake. Is that true?

Is so why is that and why don't they put whatever ingredient is in Visine into the Instant Eye Tuck serum?

Here is a statement from one woman about using Visine with the eye tuck…..

“Visine Eyedrops. The Original Formula. I use it on clean, dry skin - and save the illuminating cream for night use. It's amazing to me that only one little drop of the Visine could make such a BIG difference in 'tucking' the fatty deposits, but I've had consistently great results since I started doing it this way, with absolutely no dryness or flaking at all”

Editor’s Reply: Hi Eddie, thanks for your question concerning Visine eye drops and the Instant Eye Tuck serum. Yes, I also heard that combo works pretty well for most people. However, I don’t know why.

I contacted the manufacture of the Easy Eye Solutions products, Zach Merrill & Co., and he said customers have told him the same thing too, but has no idea what ingredient in the Visine causes the serum to help tuck away the puffiness with more “vigor.”
However, I have a theory…………………………………………….

The Instant Eye Tuck serum works pretty well. I've been using it since 2012 and love it. But, I understand that some women don’t get very good results.

Now, unlike most commercial eye tuck serums on the market (like Sudden Change) which only works on completely dry skin, the Instant Eye Tuck serum can be applied on top of your makeup, concealers, and moisturizers.

But if you use a lot heavy layers of creamy/oily products around the eye area, the serum cannot make contact with the skin and therefore cannot lift and tighten the under eye skin. Therefore the results won’t be as positive.

I think when one applies a little bit of Visine to the skin under the eyes, they inadvertently wipe away some of the oils, which allows the serum to adhere to the skin and absorbs better.

Personally, I don’t use lot of creamy products around my eyes, just a light layer of eye moisturizer and sunscreen. And, I wait a few minutes before applying the serum to make sure the other skin products have been fully absorbed, and my results are great almost every time.

That could be another reason why the Illuminating Eye Cream works well with the serum because it’s a very light moisturizer and is absorbed quickly into the skin. Women who use the Illuminating cream as they’re daily moisturizer and then apply the serum on top usually get good results too.

I hope this explanation helped.

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