Puffiness Under Eyes

I bought the Easy Eye Solution Instant Eye Tuck to help reduce puffiness under my eyes. But I keep reading different ways to apply it. What do you think works best?

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Thanks for your question regarding puffiness under eyes........

Personally, I find the serum works best for me when I apply it last. Here is what I do..........................

A) I wash my face in the morning then apply eye moisturizer, concealer where needed, then sunscreen.

B) I wait a few minutes to let all the creamy products soak in. Especially if I use a lot of moisturizer - like during the colder, drier winter months.....(I have dry skin).

C) Then when all creams have had a chance to soak in, I lightly massage (using a back and forth motion) a small amount of serum very lightly across the wrinkle/puffy eye area. I do this lightly because I don't want to rub off my concealer.

However, many other people (and even the guy who developed this serum) tell me they do it the opposite. They apply the serum first and then makeup and concealers on top.

The best I can tell you is to try both ways to see what works for you.

You'd be surprised of all the creative ways people use this serum. My husband uses it but he likes to pump a drop of the serum on top of a wet fingertip. Then using the other finger tip he mixes it together and then smooths onto to each. I guess he finds it easier to get a smoother look when the serum is a bit watered down.

One woman tells me she uses a makeup brush to apply the serum! She says it goes on smoother and less is wasted. I have not tried that yet, but I'm not very hand with makeup brushes. I like using my fingers to apply face products.

Also, I noticed as the serum gets older and if you don't keep the cap on all the time, the serum tends to thicken up a bit. While I like it better thicker - I think some people find it more difficult to apply it smoothly that way. So mixing the serum with a wet finger tip helps make it easier to apply.

Here is a video of my friend trying out the serum.

She just uses a drop on her ring finger and sort of pats it in quickly along the orbital bone. She likes that while it won't completely get rid of her puffy eyes, it does make a difference. You especially notice that when she covers one eye with her hand and then the other - so you can really see the difference.

Remember, short of surgery, there are no products (that I'm aware of and I've tried almost every eye lift serum on the market) that will get "rid" of puffy eyes. But at least this does a pretty decent job and is the least drying of all the serums I have ever used.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have anymore questions.


Hope this helps,

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