Natural Anti-Aging Tips for Eyes and Neck

by Pamela

I was just wondering whether or not you're still following
Carolyn's Facial Fitness program?

I followed the link to Carolyn's site from your 8 week neck firming challenge. I also wondered how your neck was progressing.

I use Carolyn's program and am a big fan of hers-now.

Hello Pamela!

Yes, I'm still doing Carolyn's facial fitness program. My neck (and face) is looking much better. I'm also noticing those little sagging lines on the outside of my mouth are getting firmer.

You can see my 6 month update here:

sagging neck skin update

I will probably post some more updates soon. I also started doing special eye exercises and have seen reductions in crow’s feet and under eye wrinkles.

Changes for the neck and eyes are slow - because these areas seem to age fast and are hard to firm up. That's why it's so important to take pictures so you can see your progress.

You can see the subtle under eye wrinkle changes here:

crow’s feet reduction

I LOVE her program!!!

Glad to hear you like it too. She is a very sweet person and is always willing to help you get the perfect face firming results.

Take care,

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