My one beauty tip and trick for this serum

by Terry

Hi All,

I've been using this serum for over 3 years and have worked it many different ways. But this is my favorite beauty trick for the best results.

Since I have very dry skin I must use a facial moisturizer and a moisturizing foundation. And I always use sunscreen around my eyes, so I make sure to let it set in for a few minutes BEFORE applying the EES products.

Then, I'll apply a tiny bit of the Illuminating Eye Cream. It has a really nice pearly sheen so it helps hide the dark/purple color I sometimes have under my eyes.

After the Illuminator cream has had a chance to be absorbed for few minutes, I wet my index finger tip with water and pump a tiny drop of serum on top of that.

The little bit of water on my finger tip helps thin the serum out a bit. This really helps me apply the serum more evenly and I no longer get a whitish film.

Make sure you smooth the serum "very lightly" across the puff/wrinkled area. You don't want to rub off the Illuminator cream even though it stays on pretty well. Just keep lightly smoothing your finger back and forth until serum looks absorbed.

I know I went into great detail here and made it sound complicated, but it really only takes a few minutes to apply. I guess my suggestion is to try a tiny bit of water if you have problems with a whitish film and make sure you put the serum AFTER all of your other products (like moisturizer and sunscreen) have been absorbed.

Hope this helps ya'll


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