My homemade body scrub recipe

by Sarah
( Minnesota)

Hi All,

I love homemade body scrubs. I make batches of them and put them into pretty jars to give away at Christmas time. I've even sold some at the Christmas bazar last year.

My favorite one is really simple.

1 cup of Sea salt
1 cup of raw oatmeal
3-5 tablespoons coconut oil...(depending on how dry your skin is)

Just mix them up and store them a jar or plastic container. A wide mouth contain works best since it's hard to get the mixture out once it sits for a while.

You can even use those big left over plastic containers from Chinese soup....they work really well.

Scrub your whole body a few times a week in the shower, then rinse well. But be careful, because it can be slippery. I usually do this when I'm finished showering, shaving and washing my hair.

My last step is a body scrub and then a quick rinse. This leaves my skin smelling and feeling wonderful.

You can substitute any oil, but here in Minnesota, the winters are so cold and so long and the smell of coconut in a warm shower reminds me of a topical beach :-)

Hope you guys like it!


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