Is the Eye Tuck an anti aging skincare treatment for the eyes?

by Marie

Is the Eye Tuck an anti-aging skincare treatment or just a temporary solution? I mean is it going to help my eyes look better in the future or am I just putting a band-aid on the problem?

I've tried the Wonderlift years ago and it was so drying and tight I think it even made my eye area look worse after a few days.

I couldn't wait to come home and wash it off!!!

It looked good and tight, but as soon as I smiled it sort of cracked and puckered and it felt really tight.

I was so self conscience the whole day. But was afraid to wash it off at work because I didn't have any of my makeup or concealer with me and didn't know how bad my eyes would look bare.

Anyway, I realized that there was nothing in this product to help my skin look better down the road.


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Yes, it's an anti-aging wrinkle treatment
by: Anonymous

Hi Marie,

According to the website and product developer Zach Merrile - the eye tuck serum is supposed to help improve and tighten the skin over time.

They say it contains ingredients that helps to strengthen the skin.

I've been using it for a while and I think I do see a difference in the tone of the skin under my eyes.

I know one thing, it does help the area look good and my eyes seems to look at night when I wash my face. So, I'm happy.

But I still use Roc Retinol Eye cream at night and lots of sunscreen during the day and I always wear sunglasses. Even in the wintertime.

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