Cross Hatching Lines Under Eyes

Does anyone know of an eye treatment, serum, or cream that can help get rid of those tiny cross hatched lines under the eyes?

You know those little lines that look like tiny x's across the lower eye skin but right above the cheekbones? So far I've tried several creams from Origins, but the x's and tiny lines keep coming back after a few hours.


Hi, I have those lines too. They are visible even when I'm not smiling. I do notice that keeping the under eye area really hydrated really helps. Sometimes I'll smear on some vaseline in the winter time before going to bed. That helps a little, but by the end of the day, those lines are visible again.

A friend of mine works as a PA for a dermatologist and she told me about a procedure called Pelleve treatment. You can read about it here....

It's like a laser treatment that helps reduce wrinkles and tightens the skin and can be used around the eyes. It's a bit expensive about $250 per session and you need like 5-8 treatments to get any results.

I might consider that someday. Right now I just use an eye lift serum. I go back and forth between Peter Thomas Roth and Easy Eye Solution. Peter Thomas Roth is cheaper, but it's really drying. The Easy Eye Solutions is not drying but is more expensive. Sometimes I'll mix the two together.

Editor's Note: You can purchase a Sample Bottle of the Easy Eye Solutions for less. The sample size lasts for months since only a small amount is needed.

Learn more here and see before and after pictures and videos

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