Cheap beauty tips and antiaging treatments Please?

by Becky
(Woodbridge, VA )

Q: Do you have any cheap beauty tips for me? I spend a lot on cosmetics and would like to know if there are any quick or inexpensive anti-aging treatments I can do at home without spending a lot of time or money.


Becky Loughinger

My Reply: Fact: Anti-aging treatments don’t always have to be expensive or time consuming.

There are a few simple skin treatments (like home facials) that will give you that instant gratification we all desire for younger, healthier looking skin.

First: What can an anti-aging facial do for you?

Anti-aging treatments can help slow down and repair normal aging. They can also improve the appearance of our complexion.

One of the reasons our complexion looks tired as we age is due to lack of moisture. Mature skin is usually thinner and drier and is not able to hold moisture like it once did.

But before you can effectively moisturize, you need to exfoliate deeply to remove dead skin cells.

You see our skin ability to naturally slough off dead cells begins to slow down as we age.

This can inhibit optimum absorption of your favorite post-treatments like vitamin infused masks and serums.

Not to mention create a dull, lifeless looking complexion.

Did You Know: That appearance is not the only reason why we need to help speed up cell turnover?

Studies show that increasing cell turnover helps bring newer healthier cells to the surface and stimulates collagen production.

(It has been speculated that one of the reasons men’s skin ages slower is due to daily exfoliation ….i.e shaving.)

So let's get started.............


You can’t begin an anti-aging treatment without first cleaning your skin and removing all traces of makeup.

Start with your favorite cleanser...........Just make sure it cleans well without leaving a residue or without over-stripping.

If you're

following-up with an exfoliating treatment you don't want to wind up with irritated skin.

My favorite cleanser is Cetaphil. Even the Walgreen's generic version works well. It's so gentle you can clean your face without water.


There are basically two ways to exfoliate:

Mechanical - which usually involves a gritty type scrub, a cleansing brush, or microdermabrasion machine.

Chemical – which involves the use of hydroxyl acids – like glycolic or lactic acid.

A chemical exfoliators go deeper than mechanical and can help break up the glue that holds dead cells together - which allows for more effective removal.

Many skincare professionals agree that using both exfoliating methods (either at the same session or alternating monthly) is best for optimum results.

Short on time and cash?

A very simple mechanical exfoliant can be made with your favorite cleanser (or water) and a little bit of sugar or Arm and Hammer baking soda.

Mix the two until the two until you get a gritty paste like consistency and massage all over your face and neck. Then rinse well.

You will see an immediate improvement after this simple step. You skin will look more polished, smoother, and feel softer.

You can also use a cleansing brush or a microdermabrasion cloth with the baking soda or alone if your skin is sensitive.


What if you need a more intense anti-aging treatment? What if you have deeper skin issues like discoloration, dry patches, fine lines, or light scars?

Then consider using a combining of both mechanical and chemical exfoliation.

This 2 step process usually includes some type of gritty scrubbing cleanser which immediately followed by a concentrated glycolic or lactic acid serum.

You can read more here:

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Also, consider investing in a at home microdermabrasion machine.

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