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My Aging Eye Skin Issues

finding a good eye cream for sensitive eyes

I have super sensitive eyes. So for me, the best eye moisturizer is one that won’t irritate, and keeps the area hydrated so wrinkles are less visible. But my most important is finding an eye moisturizer that won’t cause under eye puffiness.

However, finding a good eye cream that meets all of my needs has been a challenge, here is why..... 

I find most eye moisturizers designed for mature skin fall into 2 basic categories: 

Hydrate dry skin and reduce the look of wrinkles. This type works great to plump up fine lines and make my skin look smooth. But, it often causes (my already puffy eyes) to bloat up even more. I think it has something to do with the oils.

Target dark circles and puffy eyes. At best this type of moisturizer does nothing – no hydration and I still have bags. At worst, it can have a drying effect, further exaggerating wrinkles and sometimes even irritating my skin.

It’s been very frustrating finding one that address both of my needs!

My best eye moisturizer

Here is what I want from an eye moisturizer:

Hydration - So skin looks smooth, healthy and wrinkles are minimized.

Non-Greasy – I can’t apply creams with oils near my eyes otherwise the lower eyelid swells and looks very puffy.

Antioxidants – While trying to balance hydration and puffiness, I’d love to be able to feed my skin and protect it from further aging by using products that contain skin loving ingredients like Vitamin C or CoQ10.

A good eye cream is hard to find

I know how hard it is finding a good eye cream to suit my needs.

I’ve tried the most expensive, best eye creams that are available. And while they might have been good products with lots of great anti-aging skin or even organic ingredients…… eyes weren’t happy.

I'll know within a few minutes after application if an eye cream is not good for me because my eyes (especially my right one) start to swell up a bit and sometimes the eyelids will become red or itchy. 

Also, if the moisturizer was too creamy/oily, it would migrate into my eyes causing even more swelling, tearing, and itching.

Serums and gels work best

After YEARS of testing and trying different anti-aging eye moisturizers, I found that serums and gels are my best option. Especially ones that are fortified with anti-aging ingredients. 

My newest find is:

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Gel

The gel is cooling and soothing and the caffeine really helps reduce under eye inflammation. AND, unlike other eye gel products I've tried this one actually hydrates my skin so I don't need additional moisturizers.

This is a VERY hard combination to find in an moisturizing/anti-aging eye product. Like I said before, they're either too greasy or too drying.

I also found this product on e-Bay for less money but it doesn't specify whether the sellers are authorized retailers of Bliss or if the products are guaranteed authentic.

Puffy eye serum & best eye moisturizer - win/win

In addition to an oil free eye moisturizer, I also apply a temporary eye tuck serum on top of my eye moisturizer - which further helps minimize the look of puff eyes. I’ve been using this serum since 2012 and love it.

And, since my eye moisturizers are pretty much oil free the temporary eye tuck serum is able to work even better.

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