Best BB Cream?

by Lynn

I was wondering what everyone thought about BB creams. Which do you think is best for women over 50? Do I need even need a BB cream?

I saw the review about Neutrogena BB cream and I agree it is a bit expensive if you use it every day.

Right now, I’m using Garnier BB cream, but I don’t know if I need it. I don’t see much of a difference with or without it.

I guess what I'm asking are there any anti-aging benefits to using BB creams?


Editor: Hi Lynn, so far I have not found a BB cream that makes a huge difference or benefits my skin.

I think the whole point of using BB creams (initially) was to help eliminate the need for applying several different products - like a separate moisturizer, then a sunscreen, then a foundation.

Now the newer BB creams also contain some antioxidants for anti-aging effects. But, personally, I don't think they contain enough to really make a difference.

Personally, I'd rather save my money and a get a really good anti-aging anti-wrinkle serum/cream and apply that more liberally at night while my skin regenerates.

Plus, like I mentioned on the other BB cream page, these creams just make my face look very shiny/greasy. Not a look I care for....

But, that's not to say that a woman with dry or dull skin won't like or appreciate the benefits of BB creams. That's just my personal feeling.

That's why it's helpful to share information about various anti-aging beauty products. I like to hear what other women say about a product and why they liked it or not.

by Debbie
(San Diego, Ca.)

Personally, I think for the price and glowing effect, L’Oreal is the best BB cream. It gives my skin a nice glow. I have very dry skin that can look really dull if I don’t moisturize it well.

I also make sure to exfoliate it weekly otherwise it can look flaky.

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