Bags Under My Eyes - Can I use Eye Serum with a Concealer?

Can EES puffy eye serum be used in conjunction with my regular eye cream? And can I use an under-eye concealer as well after using this product?

Also is it paraben-free?




Yes, EES serum is paraben-free, pH balanced and not tested on animals.

And yes, you can use it with your favorite eye moisturizer, makeup, and concealer - which is a large reason I settled on this brand.

Most other puffy eye serums suggest it should be used on clean dry skin. But, I can't go without my eye moisturizer! Never could, even when I was in my 20s, my under eye skin has been my biggest problem. Always dry and always wrinkled/crinkled. But at least the serum hides the crinkles a bit and makes the area under my eye look smoother.

Ok, here is how I use my eye moisturizer and concealer with the serum for best results:

1. I apply my eye moisturizer and makeup as usual. Then I use a brush and apply my concealer in the inner corner of my eyes and sometimes (if I look really tired) I'll apply the concealer in the tear trough area. The tear trough is that little grove that runs alongside the upper nose/inner eyes. When I'm really tired or have a cold that area on me looks purple!

(Look at the picture I've attached for where tear trough is. Debra Rubin-Roberts from Mommy Makeup said you should never apply concealer across the puffy area of the eye because it will draw attention to that area. Only apply it to inner corners and tear trough)

2. Then, (this is important) let everything settle in and let the skin absorb some of it. I wait at least 10 min. or so and then lightly apply the serum across the puffy area of my under eye only.

If you apply the serum right on top of a creamy, oily, or greasy eye creams, makeup, or concealers, the serum won't work or might flake off. In the summer when it's really hot and humid outside, after waiting 10 min. I might lightly blot the area with a tissue.

So the serum is the very last thing I apply before walking out the door.

3. Make sure to wipe away any excess serum that accumulates in the outer corner of the eyes. I guess because we sweep the serum outward toward the hairline, sometimes a bit of excess serum accumulates there and it might form a white film.

In the beginning, when I started using the serum, I had to play around with the amount I needed. Even now after using this serum since 2012, I still adjust the amount I need from time to time. I don't know why that is but some days I need more and some days I need less. If it's starting to ball up and leaves a whitish residue, it means two things: You had too much oil on the skin or you used too much serum.

How much should be used is a question I get almost daily from my website visitors. I really think the weather plays a big part in this inconsistency. In cooler, dry weather (like today) I only needed a tiny bit.

Sorry, didn't mean to go on and on...But I wanted to share with you all the different questions or issues I've experienced.

But, it's not complicated if you just remember that you want all creamy eye products to have had a chance to get absorbed into the skin first and always apply the serum last. :-)

Hope this helped!

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