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I Got Botox Lip Flip: See How It Looks. Before and After
March 29, 2024

So How many units of Botox do you need for the perfect Lip Flip?

Well, I decided to find out.

I've always had small, thin lips that lacked shape; especially the upper lip.

And lip fillers only made them look weird and never really addressed the shape issue either.

So, I decided to try a Botox Lip Flip. It's a quick, less invasive approach to more shapely lips with a much cheaper price tag than fillers.

But there's an art to achieving that effortlessly full lip look with Botox.

Use too little, and you won't see any difference. Go overboard on the units, and you could wind up with some uncomfortable side effects, like difficulty like smiling, or even drinking from a straw.

So what's the magic number?

Most injectors recommend sticking to a conservative 2–6 units of Botox in the upper lip and if you get injections in the lower, between 2–4 units, as a starting point.

But, there are other considerations that impact your final results…

Head over to the blog post to learn more and see my before and after pictures.

You can read the full article here: How Many Units for Botox Lip Flip Do You Need?

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