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I love to find great anti-aging solutions – but the truth is ……I’m lazy!

I don’t want to spend hours every night in the bathroom smearing on 6 different skin creams.

And don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen blending and chopping natural ingredients each time I want to use at home beauty tips or remedies.

So, I always look for the easy way and cheap way out - Like home dermabrasion options. And of course I want them to work as soon as possible!!! Don't we all?

Note: Not all home made solutions are a good choice. For example many people use Preparation H hemorrhoid cream for puffy eyes.  See why Preparation-H can actually CAUSE swollen, wrinkled eyes.

Probably my favorite and fastest beauty tips is a quick homemade recipe for Arm and Hammer facial scrub.

You will see a difference in a few minutes with this very cheap homemade scrub -  especially if you wear any kind of foundation makeup.......

You can also use this scrub as a natural blackhead remedy and for softer smoother, more beautiful lips :-)

UPDATE: I often get questions about the benefits of using micro needling (derma roller system) . Here is my take on this topic and why I love face exercising much better for skin lift and firming............

Favorite tip to look younger in minutes...

One of my favorite treatments (but a little time consuming) is the home dermabrasion facial.

Now you can use your own (or store bought) dermabrasion facial scrub...........

Personally, I alternate between home/store scrubs and a microdermabrasion machine. 

However, the machine does take a little more time (about 15 minutes) to do the whole face, neck, and the top part of both hands (trying to lighten the brown spots on my hands…)

Dr. Oz says that at-home microdermabrasion treatments – if performed consistently over the course of a year – can offer results as good as Botox.

Homemade beauty tips for skin that glows

Homemade facial masks are a great anti-aging solution for skin that's in need of an infusion of nutrients and antioxidants.

Try these beauty tips before each facial....

While they can't make up for poor diet or lifestyle - applying freshly mixed, vitamin and mineral rich masks weekly can help protect your complexion.

While they're not too time consuming to use, they do take a little time and planning upfront.

But you can make a big batch and keep the mixture in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to a week. 

TIP: When it's time to clean out the refrigerator - take any left over fruits, veggies, yogurt and mix together to make your own homemade facial.  Click here for recipe ideas....Homemade facial masks.

Don't think homemade facial masks work? Check out the complexion of women who use them on a regular basis.....Gorgeous!!

Mix your own Vitamin C serum using organic ingredients.

While you may not always see instant results  -  you should know that in the long term it’s great to feed your skin much needed nutrients and vitamins that you won’t find in commercial skin care  products.

Unless you use all natural, organic skin care products that are mixed up fresh before you use it.

Many people ask me about homemade wrinkle treatments. 

Well I don’t really think anything (short of cosmetic surgery or prescription retinol creams) can completely eliminate wrinkles.

Learn about quick facial exercise for firmer cheeks.....

But, there are some natural skin tightening ingredients that can help soften lines and plump skin for a younger fuller look.

And what about puffy eyes? Well, there are a few quick remedies and simple massaging techniques that can help a bit........

Book mark this page - Anti-Aging Solutions.......As we'll be adding more tips and tricks for healthier younger looking complexion.

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